We want to be the flagship for sustainable, valuable and stylish fashion and streetwear. In doing so, we want to make our place a better and cleaner place and use  the resources that have already been written. 

By exemplifying, identifying and communicating our values, we want to set new standards every day and encourage society to think and reflect even more about its textile consumption.


By exemplifying, identifying & communicating our values, we want to set new standards every day and encourage society to think & reflect even further.


Because sustainability is not a pretense with us, but a daily program. Since day 1, sustainability and the common good economy have been at the top of our agenda and are firmly anchored in our philosophy. We want to pay more respect and tribute to our earth and provide opportunities that make this place a cleaner one.


The conventional fashion industry has a significant negative impact on climate change and on our natural world. Whether it's the huge CO2 emissions caused by shipping back and forth or the uncontrolled waste of resources and pesticide use in the cultivation of conventional cotton. With our products and the idea of Enzo Escoba we would like to start here and counteract this.


An equally important topic, for which we would like to raise awareness, is "the human being". In this industry, people are also often used as a means to an end, without regard for losses. Here we want to counteract with our suppliers and offer these important people an opportunity to work in a very negative and equally important industries.


The social commitment is so important for us because we live in Europe, especially Germany in a country where we do not have to worry about purely anything and we are offered so many opportunities. Be it school, academic, professional or even personal development. There is a suitable offer for everything. In other countries the exact opposite is the case: civil wars, lack of food, lack of school/academic institutions, etc.


 That's why we support, among others, the Münchner Kindl-Heim, the humanitarian aid organization Handicap International, who share exactly the values we have at Enzo Escoba. In addition, since August 2019, we support a rainforest project where every euro counts. Through the sale of Enzo Escoba products, new trees are planted. 

All bracelets are made by ourselves in our Enzo Escoba manufactory in Unterschleissheim (north of Munich). The stainless steel clasp and the genuine cowhide are sourced in good conscience from our honest and certified suppliers in Asia and Germany. Furthermore, our textiles are also finished in Unterschleissheim.

We proudly source our textiles from our valued partner in Bangladesh. 

Why Bangladesh? 

With our mindset of fairness and sustainability, we actively chose Bangladesh to offer the Bangladeshi people production facilities where they can work fairly, contribute and develop. Furthermore, the goal is to give Bangladeshis a perspective in their home country to preventively avoid waves of refugees.

From raw material to the final product. We pay special attention to the entire supply chain, that every single party benefits and grows in the fashion business. All true to the motto: Live and let live.




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