Close the Fashion Circle

We want to give a second life to the Enzo Escoba items that are already in circulation and thereby close the fashion circle.

That is why we have created the Enzo Escoba Fashion Circle.

We want to give you an added value and give your Enzo Escoba parts a 2nd life.

With the Enzo Escoba Fashion Circle our customers have the possibility to send their old Enzo Escoba products back to us and then receive a value voucher.

Return goods

- Min. 1,5 years old (Kids Fashion after half year)

- Private end customer only, upon presentation of invoice.

- Damaged products excluded.

- Bracelets; bangles; key rings; socks excluded.

Upcycle | Recycle

- Items will be upcycled, recycled and repaired.

- Prints and imprints will be repaired, washed and refurbished.

- Textile must be free of holes and other damage.

Voucher received

For each returned and qualified item, the customer will receive a value voucher*.

*No cash payment possible. Voucher can only be redeemed in the online store. Not compatible with other vouchers and discount campaigns.

EE 2nd Hand Exchange

- Refurbished items will be resold on the Enzo Escoba 2nd Hand Börse.

- Items get a second life.

T-Shirt: 5,00€ | Kids T-Shirt: 3,00€

Dress: 5,00€

Pants: 5,00€ | Kids Pants: 3,00€

Sweater/Hoodie: 10,00€ | Kids Sweater/Hoodie: 7,00€




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