Enzo Escoba - The label of today for tomorrow

Because for us sustainability is not just an illusion, but a daily programme. Since day 1, sustainability has been at the top of our agenda and is firmly anchored in our philosophy. We would like to pay a little more respect and recognition to our earth and offer possibilities to make this place a cleaner place. The fashion industry has a significant negative impact on climate change and on our nature. Be it the enormous CO2 emissions caused by back and forth shipments or the uncontrolled resources waste and pesticide use in the cultivation of conventional cotton.

And an equally important topic to which we would like to raise awareness is "Man". In this industry, people are also used as a means to an end, regardless of the losses. This is where we want to counteract with our suppliers and offer these important people an opportunity to work in a very negative and equally important industry.


Production and refinement

Sustainable and transparent production and refinement is part of our sustainability concept. All our individual bracelets are produced by us personally, at our headquarters in Unterschleissheim.

Furthermore, we also finish and design our textiles in Unterschleissheim. This is where customer projects, new collections and cooperations are created.


Sustainable raw materials

A sustainable label requires sustainable raw materials that have been obtained in a fair and environmentally friendly way. That's why we only use organic cotton and recycled polyester for our textiles. Already during the cultivation of the raw materials we take care that no water is wasted unnecessarily and that the earth is not polluted with pesticides.

For our leather straps we use upcycled cowhide.


"Give plastic no chance"

Is not just a quotation, but an attitude.

We want to contribute to reducing the consumption of plastics and to fall back on equal alternatives.

That's why we ship among other things plastic-free and with paper. Do not use plastic parcel tape, but paper parcel tape.